Prompt: Phil has a lip biting kink.

     ”No Phil, you have to sound like you’re about to have an orgasm.” Dan laughed and bit his lip. Phil’s eyes lingered on his mouth, unashamed. 

They continued the liveshow and Phil tried to sing Toxic like Dan but to tell the truth he just couldn’t stop thinking about Dan’s lips. He kept doing it too the bastard. 

     ”Baby can’t you see. Like that.” Dan sang it again, all breathy and perfect.  Phil almost groaned out loud. They messed around some more and ended the liveshow with waves and smiles. 

    “Dan you bastard.” Phil chuckled and threw a pillow at his friends face. 

    “What?” Dan feigned innocence, eyes wide, holding the side of his ridiculous hat. 

Phil just shook his head and got up to get more tea, the image of Dan biting his lips seared into his brain. 

     ”Phil! are you feeling any better?” Dan yelled from the lounge. 

     ”Yeah actually.” he smiled as he waited for the kettle to boil. 

     ”Good.” Dan had gotten up and came  bounding into the kitchen. He looked at Phil out of the corner of his eye and bit his lip. Phil’s eyes darted away, cheeks flushing. 

     ”Dan stop iiiittt.” he whined and leaned against the counter. 

    “Stop what?” Dan smirked. He stepped closer to Phil and trapped him, his legs on either side of Phil’s. “Stop this?” he chewed on his lip and then swooped down and captured Phil’s. Phil gasped and kissed back, holding onto the counter to keep himself up. 

Then Dan bit his bottom lip and Phil actually groaned. He grasped the front of Dan’s shirt and brought him closer. He retaliated by nipping back, Dan smiled against his mouth, making Phil growl. 

     ”You’re not supposed to smile you turnip, you’re supposed to battle.” His voice got deeper like a Pokemon battle intro. 

      “Oh, well then.” Dan smirked, grabbed Phil’s waist and wrenched him off the counter and pushed him up against the wall. "I choose you." he whispered before wrapping his arms around his boyfriend again. He nipped Phil’s lip and bit it harder than before. Phil gasped, holding Dan’s hips tight. 

     ”I think we found a new kink of mine.” Phil breathed against Dan’s lips. 

    “I think so too.” Dan chuckled and moved down to Phil’s neck, kissing and biting all the way down. “I should bite my lips more often.” 

    “You better not, that was so mean! The fans probably know about us now, just by those last 5 minutes.” he shook his head and smiled sheepishly up at Dan, who shrugged and went in for another kissing battle. 


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